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elbRücken – Hamburg’s Mobile Massage

Mobile Massage

A soothing and professional massage without the stress of getting there – not a problem with a private wellness massage directly at your home

Mobile Massage

Office Massage

It could not be easier to integrate a professional massage into your working day!

Office Massage


The classic among event massages is most probably the mobile massage at sporting events.


Why do you need a mobile massage?

Tenseness is hard to avoid as a consequence of sedentary desk jobs or wrong movements, e. g. from physical activities or psychological strain such as stress. A massage can provide an effective remedy within no time, but who can integrate external massage sessions into everyday life? There is often not enough time.

A mobile massage is the solution!

I can offer you a solution to this problem: elbRücken is Hamburg’s Mobile Massage where your competent massage therapist comes to visit you! Private massages, office massages, or event massages: I provide mobile massages on the spot – at the exact place where they are needed and where you can spare a little bit of time. You save the time and stress to get to your massage appointment while receiving the exact same services from Hamburg’s Mobile Massage that you would expect from a professional massage.

The price includes:

Massage bench and chair, oils, accessories, music, and plenty of good spirit: As your mobile massage therapist in Hamburg, I will bring everything I need for you to indulge in a soothing massage! All you need is a quiet place where you can enjoy Hamburg’s Mobile Massage.

The mobile massage therapist

  • elbRücken comes to visit you
  • Relaxation wherever you are


mobile Massage für Ihre Entspannung

Ich komme zu Ihnen. Egal ob zu Hause, im Büro oder für Ihre Gäste auf Events. 

zur Entspannung

The positive effect of a mobile massage:


As you will see, 45 to 60 minutes of massage suffice to give your body and soul a pleasant break. This relaxation period has a positive effect in every respect: it enhances your productivity, creativity, motivation, and balance. With Hamburg’s Mobile Massage, you will not need to abstain from anything because everything will work the way you should expect it from a professional massage.

The benefits of my massage

elbRücken, Hamburg’s Mobile Massage accommodates the needs of people in work who do not have the time for massage appointments, getting there, and everything else related to it. I know from my years of experience that relaxing breaks are enormously important to recharge the proverbial „batteries“, i. e. your energy reserves. This is why Hamburg’s Mobile Massage exists – I really do not need anything other than a place to work undisturbed so I can actively contribute to the inner balance of my customers with a soothing massage. You, on the other hand, will save yourself the stress of getting to your appointment and can simply let yourself be pampered by your mobile massage therapist from elbRücken.

Intentional breaks are important for body and soul

Hence my advice: Treat yourself to a break from time to time! Take advantage of a mobile massage to relax your body and to clear your mind. A massage session can make an enormous difference and you will directly feel its positive effects. For further information, references, and prices simply browse my web pages. Do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or wish to give Hamburg’s Mobile Massage a try!

This is what my customers say:

It makes work more fun. Flo from elbRücken visits us once a week and treats the whole team to a massage. Every Monday, we already look forward to Wednesday because Wednesday is Massage Day. I can only recommend Hamburg’s Mobile Massage.

Dirk Limmer
Online Marketing Expert

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I come to visit you! / Your mobile relaxion at your office our home

Florian Englisch - mobile massage therapist