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Hamburg’s Office Massage

elbRücken – Office Massage

Office jobs nearly always come with an unpleasant side effect: tenseness due to long hours of sitting at the computer. And stress at work makes it even worse. An office massage from your mobile massage therapist in Hamburg provides an effective and lasting remedy. I will also come to your office and declare war on your and your colleagues‘ tenseness. Naturally, you will also receive some advice on an improved and protecting posture.

This is why an office massage is ideal:

  • improves productivity
  • enhances creativity
  • creates higher stress resistance
  • and the best thing is: It only requires a little bit of time!


I will eliminate your tenseness directly on the spot

It could not be easier to integrate a professional massage into your working day! For a mobile massage, I will directly come to your office and bring everything I need for my work. The only thing I will need from you is a place to massage undisturbed.

Office Massage in Hamburg and its environs

A modern office chair and an ergonomic sitting posture at you working desk are already a good start. Unfortunately, this cannot always prevent you from tenseness. There is only one remedy in this case – Hamburg’s Mobile Office Massage!

Why don’t you ask your colleagues if they are also interested in a mobile office massage? You are most probably not the only one who suffers from tenseness. As your mobile massage therapist in Hamburg, I would be happy to visit you at your office and take care of your back and those of your colleagues.

And, dear bosses, don’t you also wish to give yourself and your employees a treat from time to time? If so, why don’t you reward your team with one of Hamburg’s mobile office massages? I can ensure you, it will be worth it as relaxed employees are truly worth a mint.

Allow yourself a break!

It is well-known that breaks at work have a positive effect on your concentration and productivity. If used for a massage, a break may even have synergy effects on your psychological and physical capacity. This means: If you treat your body and soul to a hard-earned break and eliminate tenseness with a soothing wellness massage at the same time you will be able to continue your work with all the more zest.

Breaks often come too short in particularly stressful periods at work. From my years of experience as a massage therapist I can tell you, however, that you will not accommodate anyone in the long run by refraining from breaks. It would be better to allow yourself some downtime at work, ideally in the form of an office massage, and continue later on with fresh energy.

If you suffer from tenseness, good advice…

…does not need to be expensive. On the contrary: An office massage from your mobile massage therapist in Hamburg is surprisingly cheap. Just take a look at the price list. I will be happy to answer any questions and provide further information.

Office Massage

Since we have elbRuecken at our office, everyone is looking forward to massage day. It makes work twice as much fun.

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